Direct democracy is the opposite of mob rule; have no fear

Let me deal with the statement many “experts” living in representative democracies make; “direct democracy can lead to mob rule”.

There is no basis at all for that; no facts show that. We only have one direct democracy in the World; Switzerland. No country is further away from mob rule than Switzerland.

The facts on the ground, not the speculations by experts, show direct democracy not only is not “mob rule”, it protects citizens from mob rule, and from “elite” rule.

By the way, Ancient Greek Democracy, which was a full direct democracy, not a representative democracy, had no mob rule either.

Amazingly, in human history, we only had two real democracies; representative democracy is not real democracy, it resembles more an elected, often entrenched, oligarchy. That is why trust in government is dropping in countries with representative democracy, not so in Switzerland.

Direct democracy is about the people deciding specific issues, taking most of the decision-making power off the hands of politicians. This also has the wonderful effect of removing partisan politics from decision-making; it cools down politics.

When Swiss voters go to the polls, they decide based on how the issue affects them, not based on their political “religion” or party; do we need to raise the taxes we pay to build a new school? Does the Air Force need new jets? Should Swiss-owned companies be responsible for violations of human rights and environmental laws in their operations in foreign countries? Should all Swiss receive a universal basic income? Should Switzerland join the EU? Should we change the constitution of the canton (state or province)? Should we change the federal constitution? Etc.

Swiss voters carefully consider economic and social costs and benefits, just like they do when they decide to buy a house for their families, they do it because they are responsible. People in your country do not go now screaming mob-like to the bank for a mortgage; they will do the same when voting in a referendum to decide any issue. They are not crazy, nothing to do with mob rule.

Every year, the Swiss decide several issues calmly, orderly. But it does not just happen because the Swiss are a calm, orderly bunch; they have in place the proper procedures.

For example, to help voters, every eligible Swiss voter receives from the government(s) an information package on the referendum. The package includes the position and reasoning of those sponsoring the referendum, the position or alternative proposal by the government, and the position of the political parties who support or oppose the referendum.

The voters also have plenty of time to watch and listen to debates, presentations, etc.

Those practices make it possible for any voter interested in the issue to vote competently, rationally, not like a mob at all. Many vote by a secure mail system to save time, no mob there either.

Because the process is open and transparent, the losers do not find it difficult to accept the results, and everyone moves on. Of course, it helps that the losers know they can call another referendum. Perhaps they will wait until the public mood changes, or work hard to change the mood of the public.

Reality shows the opposite of what the “experts” say; direct democracy has nothing to do with mob rule. Do not believe them, inform yourself.

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