Soon I will switch to posting videos about direct democracy.

We need Swiss style direct-representative democracy as soon as possible in all democracies because representative democracy polarises people. produces gridlock, gives politicians and the too much power.

So excessive is the power of politicians and lobbies that the will of the people is often ignored. In representative democracies, voters only count at election time. In a direct democracy, votes count all the time because they have the power to launch referendums on any law or issue, and the results of the referendums must be acted upon by the elected politicians.

Direct democracy drastically reduces polarisation, increases cooperation, increases the trust in politicians, voters become much more responsible voters, etc. We know it worked because the Swiss experience of over 150 years clearly shows direct-representative democracy works much better than representative democracy.

I realise people prefer video/sound. Video is more entertaining and also has more presence than writing. Podcasting the sound of the video makes it possible to lessen while doing many activities.

Switching to posting video and sound episodes is a lot of work to make it work, technically and also to communicate effectively.

I hope to post the text of each video here.

Most people seem to prefer to watch/listen, instead of reading.

I intend to use YouTube, Rumble, etc.

Thank you.

Victor Lopez

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