The Russia-Ukraine war; that is no way to help Ukraine, Mr. Trudeau

The US-Ukraine-Russia War. Mr. Biden!, hey Mr. Biden!, you blew it! big time

Representative democracy can not solve the national debt, inflation…, but direct democracy does

Ray Dalio, Soros, BlackRock, GM, Musk, Toyota, VW, W. Buffet, US, China, Direct Democracy, Taiwan

Digital money, cash, privacy, citizen control. Swiss style direct democracy; real citizen empowerment

“Direct democracy could become the dictatorship by the majority!”, is a bad joke or a big lie, watch

Seven presidents together?, of Right and Left parties?, you crazy? No!, better than one, proved!

People of democracies!, tired of bad governance by elected politicians?, demand Swiss style direct democracy!

The Swiss direct democracy system will renew and re-energize the US and other representative democracies

Jets for Ukraine?…

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