El sistema suizo, que es much más que democacia direct, es lo que su país necesita

The US military told the truth, but they are wrong… Listen to Sam Zell: this is the Weimar Republic!

Tne Crushing Crush!, can the crush Biden, NATO leaders, general have on Zelensky crash the World?

Crimea and nuclear war. The result of a referendum in Switzerland to tax the rich.

The problem with representative democracy is the system, not the politicians, the media, the lobbies or political parties

Swiss direct democracy will fix politics and finances in the US and other democracies; curious?

This is how the Swiss style direct democracy system would fix US politics and finances and other representative democracies

Yes you can!; stop Ukrainian war, Biden, Putin, Zelenski, escalation and stupidly benefiting China

The US-Ukraine-Russia war; Yes! Mr. Biden, you blew it!, big time! Americans must fix the problem

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