Retirement age protests in France and other protests in the US, Nederlands, Canada, UK, etc.

Swiss style direct democracy for better wages, better health care, less poor, less homeless…

Ukraine, Assange-Wikileaks, Trump, Biden, Pence classified documents, Border Controls

Swiss style direct democracy is the vaccine representative democracies need against populists

In Swiss style direct democracy, Jacinda Ardern would still be PM and new Zealand not polarized


Jacinda Ardern would still be New Zealand’s PM if NZ had Swiss style direct democracy. This is why

The war in Ukraine, the people of the West must decide level of support in binding referendums

Surprisingly?…, the Swiss-based World Economic Forum is not a strong fan of Swiss direct democracy.

Swiss direct democracy is morally, economically and politically superior, why few people know it?

History shows that big economic crisis can kill representative democracy, but not direct democracy

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