Make politics boring again! The Swiss run politics like Swiss watches and better tasting than Swiss chocolate

German guilt and Israel

Professor Gad Saad speaks nonsense about antisemitism but I share his dream for Jews and Palestinians

This is how Americans can steer the US in the right direction

El discurso irracional-emocional de Pilar Raola sobre antisemitismo

Concerned about the way the US is heading? The problem is the System. The politicians can not reset it, only you, the people, can. This is the new system.

Dear Piers Morgan and Jordan Peterson: Here is the answer to your moral quandary

How the Swiss political system would decrease antisemitism in the US and elsewhere, right now!

The Swiss Political System, democracy for adults, no political “faiths”

American Jews should “lobby” the people, not the politicians to help prevent antisemitism

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