El sistema suizo de democracia directa es más racional

The Swiss political system of direct democracy is more rational than representative democracy

How the Swiss political system of direct democracy creates unity out of diversity like no other

Dear Mr Klaus Shcwab and buddies in the World Economic Forum: we don’t need iron fisted messiahs, we need Swiss-style real people empowerment

The “racist” native Europeans, Americans and other Caucasians

Good work by Tucker, but Putin helped the warmongers.

Sr. Milei: Si hace Ud. esto, el pueblo de Argentina le apoyará a tiempo para neutralizar a quienes se le oponen, hasta que sus medidas den fruto

Observaciones sobre el discurshock del Presidente de Argentina Milei a las divinas élites mesiánicas en Davos

Who is the big threat to democracy?, Trump?, Biden?, both?

What is a bigger threat to democracy?, a new Trump presidency or the actions of those acting to keep him off the ballot?

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