Respectfully, I disagree Mr. President; the Swiss Political System is exportable to any democracy of any size because it is flexible and scalable; the Chinese of Taiwan are proof. Switzerland is example of multicultural application

Trump is not Hitler and Iowa Republicans are not Nazis, Trump appeared because the elites have too much power; the Swiss system prevents both problems

The Swiss have the most responsible government at all levels, highest wages, best universal health care, more political stability, least powerful politicians and lobbies because… the people decide all key issues and can not blame politicians

Dear Professor Mearsheimer: there is a better solution than the two states, or the current destruction that could destroy both, for Jews and Palestinians

Glenn Greenwald is wrong, antisemitism is rising aboveground and underground

Why politics is crashing the US Justice system and democracy and how the Swiss system makes that impossible

How the political establishment is destroying US democracy and turning the US into Weimar 2.0

Due Dissidence are right, Bill Maher is wrong and his opinions hurt Israel, never mind his good intentions

The Israeli government and US politicians are making the stratospheric mistake that could destroy Israel

This is why and how democracy died in the West and how it can be brought back to life

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