Why can’t you do this? Because your country has no direct democracy, but you should de able to

On June the 13 the citizens of the one country on Earth with proven, stable direct democracy in all levels of government will vote to decide issues, not to elect politicians.

They elect politicians too, but the election of politicians is not as important as in your country. The reason is obvious; the people have the power to decide any issue and prevail over what the politicians want to do, and even over the highest court of the land, you do not have that power in your country.

When the people have the power to prevail over the politicians, it does not matter much who governs or what party is in power, elections are less important, as it should be.

The people of that “promised land” of real democracy, on June 13th will DECIDE issues; it is not a consultative referendum the politicians can ignore, nor is it a plebiscite started by government, it is a referendum started by the people and the results are mandatory for government.

Even if the executive and the legislative unanimously voted against what the people decide, they still have to do it.

Voters will decide five issues:

The people who organized the first referendum propose that voters decide if the farmers, who receive government subsidies will only get money if they stop using synthetic pesticides and preventive antibiotics in animal feed.

To me, it is a common sense initiative;  I mean, what would you think if your doctor told you: “you and your family should take antibiotics as part of your diet to grow healthy”? You would think the doctor is nuts; suffice is to read in internet about the side effects of antibiotics.

But my opinion is just my opinion, let us see what the voters of that country decide. If they decide against what I think, I will not like it, but will accept it because it is a democratic decision.

Another issue voters decide is if synthetic chemical pesticides will be banned.

I do not about this one; I will have to read more about it; after all, synthetic insulin is the standard way to keep diabetics alive… Something just as useful may require synthetic pesticides. I suppose it is not the same to synthesize natural pesticides as creating totally new pesticides in the lab…

in this referendum the voters will also decide if products grown in other countries using synthetic pesticides could be imported.

But the people have to make more decisions; they will also vote to decide if the emergency law the government passed to deal with the Chinese variant of COVID should be cancelled.

The referendum on the Covid emergency law was launched by group organized to make the referendum happen; Friends of the Constitution.

So that you will know how normal referendums are, below I list the key people who organized the referendum on the Covid law. Their faces look as normal as their jobs; you can see them in https://loicovid-non.ch/#comite-daction

Direct democracy also has another huge advantage; it prevents riots and civil disorder because anybody, any group, can make a referendum happen and dial back any decision by politicians, etc.

But, please, do not go to the site until I tell you in which country all this happens, but perhaps by the names you have guessed what country I am talking about.

Marion Russek, Company manager, Co-president, Friends of the Constitution

Werner Boxler, Adult trainer, Co-president, Friends of the Constitution

Sandro Meier, Economist

Markus Häni, School teacher

Alec Gagneux, Sustainable Development Mediator

Dr. Christina Rüdiger, Secondary school teacher

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, Health expert

Dr. Klaus Rüdiger, Historian and teacher

Dr. Björn Riggenbach, Family doctor

Dr. Gerald Breim, Lawyer

Philipp Kruse, Lawyer

Dr. Marco Caimi, Medical Doctor

Dominik Graf, Businessman

Dr. Bruno H. Dalle Carbonare, Cell and molecular biologist

There are many other volunteers dealing with the campaign materials, the campaign shop selling materials related to the campaign, etc.

Another decision the people will make is regarding a law the government proposed to deal with CO2 emissions. The people who organized the referendum argue the law is too costly and will not help the climate. They also say, if hurts most the pockets of people of limited means.

The People’s Party sponsors this referendum.

The voters will also decide the future of a law enacted to fight terrorism.

The people who started the process for this referendum argue the law will be ineffective, that it does not define “terrorism”, goes against the rights of children and adults, violates the separation of powers, hurts the safety and security of people and is a menace to innocent citizens.

The Young LIberals, the Socialist Youth, the Greens and human rights groups sponsored this referendum.

Before voting, each Swiss household will receive from the government a package explaining the position of the government, which can be for or against the proposal, and the position of the proponents of the proposal in their own words.

The government often presents an alternative answer to what the initiators of the referendum propose.

There will also be public debates, real debates, not politicized media pushing their position. Because most citizens are interested in the issues, they also discuss the upcoming referendums at home, at work and in Internet. Many also listen to independent experts.

Debates are lively because most issues concern most people.

In case you have not guessed, the country is Switzerland.

You can find more details about the upcoming June 13 votes by downloading the phone app VoteInfo and on the website of SWissinfo.ch

VoteInfo has a lot more information, but it is not in English; you need to speak one of the four official languages of Switzerland. You can also use one of the many free Internet translation services.

Why can’t you decide like the Swiss can? Because the Swiss got fed up with  leaving all the decision-making power to the politicians, and you and your country folk, haven’t.

Representative democracies we are politically behind the Swiss almost two centuries, in dictatorships they are, politically, light-years behind.

Direct democracy is urgent to prevent the death of representative democracy, our freedoms and many other extraordinary things. Representative democracy can degenerate, and has done that, into dictatorships of the Right the Left. It happened in Germany. and other countries.

Do not complain about the politicians, act to bring direct democracy.

Victor Lopez


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